Ayurvedic Fall Tips

Ayurvedic Fall Tips According to Ayurveda, the combined energies of air and space, or Vata, elevate in our external environment during the fall season (think wind, dryness, crackling leaves) and, as a result, in our minds and bodies as well. Arguably, Sausalito seasons don’t always follow the ancient Ayurvedic calendar. My previous Ayurvedic Summer Blog was warning about Pitta aggravation

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Ayurvedic Summer Tips

Ayurvedic Summer Tips Well, summer is in full swing in Marin and it even feels like summertime in the more commonly cool and windy SausalitoJ According to Ayurveda the predominant qualities of summer are hot, sharp and penetrating. Summer can be intense and often can be dry. Depending on our own unique body-mind constitution we may find ourselves excited or

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