Dynamic Form Hatha

Laura is often described as the consummate student and teacher and each of her classes have a body, mind, spirit and heart component and support the integration of all aspects of the Self. Expect to be profoundly transformed on and off the mat as Laura skillfully and supportively challenges you in any of the categories of poses: standing and seated poses, sun salutations, back and forward bends, twists, hip openers, arm balances and inversions, core work and oftentimes a short chant and pranayama. She artfully and thoughtfully sequences her classes around a specific principle and/or form and progressively guides students into deeper and deeper experiences of that expression in a safe way. Laura clearly illuminates the wealth of alignment knowledge that she has gained from her more than 2 decades of study and invites a deep listening within so that students can embody these principles as their own truth within. Class themes are practical yet soulful and are intended to give students a take away into the reality of their lives off the mat. Regular attendance leads to a profound learning of one’s own body, spirit and mind and inspires students to reach their fullest potential. The class atmosphere is one of support, encouragement, community, contemplation and fun.

All Levels, but not appropriate for raw beginners.


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
wednesday 6:15 pm 7:30 pm Laura Christensen
friday 9:00 am 10:30 am Laura Christensen
saturday 8:30 am 10:00 am Laura Christensen

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