Gentle Hatha

Gentle Hatha This practice is a slower-paced, contemplative integration of postures and breath, with an emphasis on accessing a calm and empowered body, mind, spirit and soul. The class focuses on safely and effectively stretching and strengthening as well as exploring breath, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Expect to leave each session feeling relaxed and refreshed. Classes are appropriate for all levels of experience, supporting students re-entering their practice after a long break or advanced practitioners looking to slow things down and reconnect to the body’s inner wisdom. Poses can be modified for those with physical considerations.


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
tuesday Gail Hay
thursday Gail Hay

Gail’s classes are designed to incorporate numerous aspects of her own yoga journey, the result being a combination of gentle Hatha, meditation, therapeutic and restorative styles. Her approach is warm and hands-on with a compassionate touch. She creates and holds space for students to be where they are in their practice and at this moment. Her guided visualizations have often

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