Sunday Yin

Restore, Heal, Renew: Sunday Yin
Yoga of Sausalito welcomes a new Sunday afternoon yin yoga class to its weekly offering. Come and join us for a restful and restorative end to your active weekend and jumpstart your week ahead by bringing centeredness and a sense of wellbeing to your body and mind. Yin yoga targets the fascia and connective tissues in our body, creating great suppleness, openness, and health for our inner organs and muscles. Reclined, or sitting, and with appropriate bolster support, we still the body in holds lasting from 3-5 minutes. We also still the mind, and bring our awareness deeply inward. Restore and renew for your coming week! Suitable for all levels.
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Patricia Schmidt is a yoga therapist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, teaching public and clinical classes in Marin County, and privately throughout the region. She offers a diverse range of yoga, from vinyasa tune-ups to a restorative yin practice, but she Specializes in therapeutic yoga, and specifically that which supports core and pelvic health. She trains other yoga teachers,

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