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Camden Hoch

Position:Yoga Teacher

Camden is a rebel and a pathmaker who loves to explore the rhythm of softness and strength in her practice both off and on the mat. She’s been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years and was drawn to yoga as a way of life. She knows yoga is a part of who she is, not just something she does.
Camden creates space for students to experience a newness that invites a deeper listening of their inner truth. Her Radiance Awakening Yoga and Candlelit Yin classes ignite curiosity, courage adventure, clarity and possibility. She invites her students to recognize and shine their inner radiance on and off the mat, taking them to the realm of possibility and connection to their true nature. Camden weaves wisdom and philosophies throughout the practice offering a safe, loving and patient space to explore.
She has studied and been inspired by her teachers Shri and Stan Hubbard, Stephanie Keach, Sabine Vera, Baron Baptiste, Sarah Powers, Tias Little, and Deborah Williamson. Camden has been a certified life coach since 2009. She empowers her clients to let go of what’s not serving them, lead with their intuition to expand and live a fulfilling life of adventure, prosperity, and service. Camden calls this Radiance Living.

Camden continues to be a student of yoga and life, studying with various teachers placed on her path. She is an author, inspirational speaker, and heart-centered entrepreneur. She and her husband, Luke, and their 2 daughters Lily and Emma live in Sausalito. For more information, please check out