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Helen Babalis

Position:Yoga Teacher

Helen “Be” Babalis, eRYT | My intention is to meet the students where they are – no matter their level – and take them on a journey of self discovery about the mind, the body, the heart. To bring every One to a higher level of empowerment. As a life-long athlete, past martial arts instructor, dance instructor, fitness instructor, I draw from many disciplines and modalities to inspire and bring out everyone’s best. To start where we are, and move up from there. Having sustained injuries from my “extreme” lifestyle (competitive realms: racing sailboats, cycling, gymnastics, sprinting, karate), yoga continues to help healing, inside and out; the mind needing the most attention. Using play-full methods, story-telling (Helenesque philosophy), and holding a loving, safe container (space), the stage is set for every One to meet themselves and go deep: and like a blossoming lotus growing up and out from the murk, shining brightly.

[Heard in class, “Your enthusiasm is the only thing keeping me going.”]