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Melanie Barna

Position:Yoga Teacher

Melanie Barna is a creative and energetic yoga teacher, with 18 years of practice in the discipline of yoga. She is a certified and registered yoga teacher, with 500 hours of education and training, including Restorative and Teen Yoga.

Body movement and meditation have been and always will be vital in Melanie’s life. She has loved the creative expression and rhythmic flow found in African Dance, and the inspirational peace in long meditative bike rides across Europe and Northern California. She is a practicing artist with a BFA degree in sculpture and drawing, and formerly, a baker and private chef, with knowledge and practice in health and nutrition.  Presently she is completing certification in creative writing, and is always wanting more knowledge, understanding and practice in the eightfold path of yoga.
She is thankful for the understanding and insight shared and revealed by such excellent teachers as Jean Mazzei, Lindsay Foreman and Charu Rachlis. She is most grateful for the encouragement and love given to her from her son, Zaden.