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Oana Stefanescu-Lansman

Position:Yoga Teacher

Vedic scholars believe humans are born twice, “dvija”. We are first born to a mother and a father, and then re-born into the realm of the spirit. Just like a bird first comes as an egg and then breaks out of shell into the real world.

A Romanian native, Oana studied economics and finance and worked in the US and Canada. Her spiritual transformation unfolded rapidly when she took her first Ashtanga yoga class. Soon after Oana committed to a daily practice. She found a strong desire to transfer into her life and share with others the experiences of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that have come to light on her yoga mat.

Oana has completed 300 hours of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga recognized by the Canadian and the International Yoga Alliance. Furthermore Oana studied in the Iyengar and Hatha traditions with particular focus on alignment.

Through yoga Oana was led to Vipassana and Transcendental meditation, pranayama and Reiki and she is currently pursuing her Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification. In 2015 Oana emerged herself into the devotional side of yoga through her yatra travels (pilgrimage) to Northern India. She continues to be an avid and dedicated student of yoga.

Oana is deeply grateful for the love and the guidance of all the teachers on her path, particularly: Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Sharath Jois, David Robson, John Berlinsky, Maritza Yoga (her loving husband and two adorable Labrador Retrievers).