Vanessa Stone, Amala Foundation & Stephan Buehl, Yoga of Sausalito

Be the change and join us at Glowfest 2010, a benefit for the Amala Foundation which supports youth to lead with a heart-centered
global perspective and to live in recognition that
sustainable peace begins within.


10:00 – 12:00 pm  Anusara® Yoga with KK Ledford & Live Music with
Prajna Vieira & Ben Leinbach

12:00  Lunch Organic Gourmet Entrees and delicious snacks

12:15 – 1:45 pm  Mukti – The World of Kirtan

2:00 – 3:30 pm  Gentle Community Yoga with Stacie Vining & Tim Lenheim
4:00 –  6:00 pm  Anusara® Yoga with Laura Christensen & Live Music
featuring Todd Boston & Jason Parmar-
6:00  Dinner Organic Gourmet Entrees and delicious snacks

7:00 pm Donna De Lory in Concert



Anusara® Yoga with KK Ledford and
Live Music with Prajna Vieira & Ben Leinbach

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 10:00 – 12:00 am


KK Ledford, 
Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

Growing up on an organic farm in Texas, KK has been involved in earth-based spirituality and ecology since childhood, which infuses all of her teachings. She adores paradox. She is an herbalist, farmer, mycophile, yarn enthusiast, lifelong texas longhorn football fan, and has a M.A. in women’s spirituality. She began studying intensively with John Friend (founder of Anusara yoga) and teaching Anusara full time in 1998 in Houston. Over 15 years of embodied spirituality, studying mystical traditions, the divine feminine, tantrism, and herbs informs her outlook. She hugs trees and kisses frogs and can usually be found wherever the sunshine warms a patch of wildflowers. She created wildmoonwisdom, which includes yoga, meditation, women’s spirituality, embodiment and ecology courses, herbs, ritual, and fiber arts … and continues to evolve.

Prajna Vieira, 

Prajna is the spiritual name given to Brianna Vieira by her beloved Satguru, Amma. It means “pure consciousness”. A vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, teacher and yogini, Prajna’s work is an expression of her love and gratitude to the Divine. Raised by her grandparents on beautiful Vashon Island, near Seattle, she has studied piano, dance, theatre arts, and singing extensively since age four. Today, as lead singer and keyboardist of acclaimed kirtan ensemble Mukti, Prajna knows the pure joy of following her heart’s desire.

Ben Leinbach, Musician

Ben is an award-winning producer, composer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He has produced recordings with Jai Uttal, Deva Premal, Shiva Rea, and many others. He co-produced and co-wrote several tracks on Jai Uttal’s Grammy-nominated album Mondo Rama.

Mukti – The World of Kirtan

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 12:15 – 1:45 pm

Mukti (Sanskrit: “liberation”) is an ensemble of accomplished musicians whose spicy blend of tabla rhythms, flamenco guitar, harmonium, piano, and r&b-flavored vocals are breathing new life into the world of kirtan.

Their debut CD, Light of the Sun, is a lush and vibrant collection of original songs in Sanskrit and English, enlivened by the group’s years of collective spiritual practice and deep devotion.

Electrifying in concert, Mukti draws from a substantial (and growing) catalogue of original material, regularly taking the stage with distinguished guest musicians and singers from diverse musical and spiritual backgrounds. Here, the songs take a spontaneous journey through driving, rhythmic highs into soulful, sublime spaces that lead effortlessly into meditation.

“A journey of devotion & inspiration infused with incredible songwriting, masterful musicianship, a myriad of world music flavors, ace production & intertwining vocals that soar into the heavens, yet overflow with earthly delights and words that come straight from the heart. Prajna Vieira has a beautiful voice that is rich, soulfully sweet, and prone to taking off into divine spaces.”
-Common Ground Magazine


Gentle Community Yoga with Stacie Vining & Tim Lenheim

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Stacie Vining

Stacie has been actively involved in intuitive energy practices since 1995. She graduated from Surya, a three-year hands on healing program in 1999 and completed the two-year Masters of Intuition Medicine™ program in 2010. She is a certified practitioner of Hakomi, Pilates, Yoga, Neuromuscular Reprogramming, and Intuition Medicine™,.and has spent two years apprenticing with a Functional Anatomy specialist. Stacie aligns with John Friend’s Anusara™ Yoga, and since 2001 has accumulated over 1,000 hours studying with John and a myriad of his gifted Certified teachers.
She applies John Friend’s elegant universal principles of alignment in her group and individual yoga classes. Stacie describes her classes as Energy Medicine Yoga.

Tim Lenheim

Tim is uniquely combining spirit, strength and flexibility and successfully reveals mind-body consciousness previously unknown to his individual students. Tim’s eclectic background ranges from three years in the Navy to being ordained as a monk in the country of Burma, from the Baptiste method of yoga to Anusara Yoga.

Anusara® Yoga with Laura Christensen and
Live Music with Todd Boston & Jason Parmar

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Laura Christensen, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

Laura is a passionate, spirited and Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and serves on the Anusara Yoga Certification Committee. She gets a kick out of creating fun, inspiring, heart-expanding and deep classes that empower students to connect to their inner strength, beauty and divinity. Her classes are a fusion of a celebration of heart, optimal postural alignment, and community connection. She is enthusiastic about guiding students on a yogic path upon which their individual, unique potential can co-participate with the ever-present, and ever-flowing gift of Grace to experience life as the fullest expression of joy.

Todd Boston, Musician

Todd is a national touring performing artist, a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, a producer of world and folk music and a teacher who has a passion for sharing music with others. He has played in festivals, events and venues from coast to coast as well as across the sea. Todd is a dedicated musician who believes music is a gift that is healing and a crucial part of our community. He has worked extensively with children teaching music as well as facilitating workshops and one-on-one sessions in children’s hospitals. He volunteers his time in nursing homes, cancer centers, hospitals and wellness centers sharing music and life. Todd leads workshops on sound and continues to explore the relationship between music and movement through his project of offering Live Music with Yoga and Dance. Todd is also a founding member of the World Fusio

Donna De Lory in Concert

Sunday, Oct 24th, 7:00 pm

Donna De Lory, Musician

Donna De Lory is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician whose voice and music transcends time and genre. Fans will be familiar with Donna from her years of touring with Madonna, but her music has its own compelling vision. With her new release Sanctuary, De Lory has crafted an expressive, spiritually-charged album that embraces both her passionate exploration of yoga and meditation inspired music. A devoted student of yoga and spiritual teachings, she is inspired not only by Western pop, but by Indian devotional music, Sanskrit mantras, Northern African grooves, psychedelic arrangements, and dance beats. The Los Angeles based singer enjoys making what she calls “meditative music” that can smartly – and sensuously – lend itself to dance-friendly re-mixes and can heal through both contemplation and celebration.

In concert Donna delivers a seamless blend of Mantra and English devotional songs accompanied by her own harmonium and her hypnotic band: Cameron Stone on cello, Mark Gorman on bass, and Dave Allen on drums and percussion.


“I’ve always admired Donna’s voice; her songwriting is poignant and heartfelt.”

“Donna’s concerts bring the house down and raise the sky.”
—Shiva Rea

The Amala Foundation

The Amala Foundation works to create a peaceful, equitable and compassionate world by unifying communities in service, inspiring youth to lead with a heart-centered global perspective, and living in recognition that sustainable peace begins within.

“We must realize that children are the earth’s most precious resource.”
-Vanessa Stone-

The Amala Foundation is dedicated to improve the human condition through service, empowerment and inspirational education. Their programs seek a peaceful and equitable future for all people by helping communities develop sustainably, consciously and lovingly.

Vanessa Stone has devoted her life to serving the whole.Her teaching and the work of the Amala Foundation extend to all the profound invitation to live in service.Sharing and invoking the universal principles of compassion and unity, Vanessa’s profound message inspires people to live a devotional life steeped in remembrance of the Divine, authentic community and humanitarian service.

The goal of the Summit is to challenge and inspire youth to extend beyond their cultural differences to create One Village united by values of peace, healing, respect, and service to others. Through activities, discussions, art, music-making, and special events, the youth will learn to communicate, to think and act with compassion, and serve others with love. The Amala Foundation partners with other peace-centered social change organizations to offer a truly inspirational event, including Urban Roots, the Indigenous People Institute, local artists, musicians, educators, and peace leaders.


511 Caledonia St
Sausalito, CA 94965